Juggling Projects and Balls

How many projects can you handle at once, while balancing family commitments and personal “me” time? I recently realized that I can generally keep lots of balls in the air. And for the most part, they stay in the air until I am ready for them to come down.

But a friend of mine recently seemed so overly concerned about all my various projects that I stopped to analyze if there was something wrong with me.  Was there a fatal flaw to my character or work ethic that I am fine being busy? I find time for me, for my husband, and my darling four-year old grandson.  So, the answer was, “Nope. There is nothing wrong with me.”

It then occurred to me that for most of my life people have told me to dial it down at work so they wouldn’t look bad, or generally felt they weren’t doing enough because I was doing too much.  How are you married, raising a young son, attending UCLA and working full time? And how are you doing all those things successfully?

We each have our own thresholds, our own way of managing our time (or not), of balancing those balls (or not). But my message, if you are a ‘many balls in the air’ kind of person as well, is that you shouldn’t let others define your pace. March to the beat of your own drummer and be happy with what works for you, not others.


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