Business Consulting & Design Services

We can assist you with a variety of business services: organizational administration, consulting, public relations, arts management, 501c3 app prep, writing business proposals and helping you incorporate your business.

IN GENERAL: We work with our clients on a one-on-one basis defining what their particular needs are at a given time in their growth. 

A well-designed website that is easy to navigate and provides your customer base with clear, detailed information is invaluable. Yet many websites are confusing, difficult to get through and make it seem like you’re working a puzzle to find the most basic information. You don’t necessarily need bright, flashing images or million dollar graphics to have an effective site. But designing the layout of such a site, and having creative, effective writing is a skill. We would be happy to put those skills to work for you.

Our website services involve creating a “basic” WordPress site; writing original copy, laying out a clear, easy to maneuver structure for your site, advising on design and graphics. We can also give you insight on how to optimize your presence on the Internet. For more advanced websites, we can work with your web designer to produce the written content for a web presence of which you can take pride.

Though we are glad to list the sites we’ve created, designed, and redesigned, web sites are ever changing. We can only take responsibility for having been a part of the site’s creation or redesign, as the current layout and design of most of these has changed. It would be difficult to now point out which parts of these sites still have elements of our work. But the navigation and much of our original writing remains for the most part.

University of the Virgin Islands
Dudley Rich Davis LLP
Davida Siwisa James
Reichhold Center for the Arts Reichhold Center

High Desert Book Festival