Contract, Payment and Fees


We will provide you with a contract, customized for your particular project, once we have discussed your business needs and you have completed our Client Intake Form.


Checks are made out to: Fortuna Business Collective. All ONLINE payments to us are processed through Paypal.  We require a 50% deposit at the signing of the contract, prior to work commencing. The balance is due within 30 days of the first payment for work to continue and  prior to final submission of the work product to the client.

This assumes a flat rate contract. We negotiate payment terms for hourly-based contracts individually, with a similar formula as to the initial deposit towards services.


FEES: The following information is to give you a general idea of our fees and freelance market trends. It is by no means fixed. In addition to our fees, you will obviously need to pay any additional amounts to state or federal agencies for incorporating and application fees to other entities, such as the IRS.

IRS 501c3 application filing fees (paid to IRS):

Form 1023-EZ – The short form IRS filing fee for nonprofits with a projected gross receipt revenue of less than $50,000 a year is $275 (as of March, 2018).

The IRS estimates less than 20 hours of total preparation time for completing this application, as opposed to 100+ hours for completing the more established (traditional) IRS Form 1023.  Also, the turnaround time for IRS approval is much faster with the Form 1023-EZ than when filing the longer  IRS Form 1023.

LONG FORM  IRS Form 1023 – The more traditional and detailed form is almost 30 pages and the one that organizations expecting to earn over $50,000 a year must file with the IRS to obtain their tax exempt status.  The IRS Form 1023 User Fee, which is now $600 as of March, 2018, regardless of your organization’s projected future income. This application fee is made payable by check to the United States Treasury and sent in as part of your 501c3 application packet.

It can take up to four months, on average, to receive your 501c3 determination letter, unless you pay for expedited service. The IRS User Fee payment is non-refundable.


Our Services include guidance on incorporating, securing the URL for your business, starting a web page, and applying for your Employee Identification Number. We complete the IRS Form 1023 (the actual application), any required schedules, the critical NARRATIVE portion of your application that answers many of the questions on the form, and preparation of your corporate Bylaws. These completed documents, and the IRS check sheet, are returned to the client for submission to the IRS.

SEVERAL WEBSITES WILL ADVISE YOU THAT CPAs, consultants and attorneys who specialize in helping nonprofit organizations with the 501c3 application charge, on average, $2,500–$5,000 for preparation of IRS Form 1023 applications for small organizations, and $6,000-$10,000 for more complex ventures.

Fortuna Business Collective, LLC charges $500 for the short form and $1,200 for the long form. This includes one free 30-minute consultation. Standard consulting fees apply after that. We review those fees with you in more detail when we discuss your needs and the level of services you require.

BUSINESS CONSULTING: We are not able to quote fees for consulting and more in-depth organizational work here because each job and each contract can have many layers and complexities that affect the fees we charge.

EDITING: The range of fees for what editors charge can range from $25 to $100 an hour… and from $2.00 to $7.00 a page. And even within that ‘range’ it can go higher and lower. The fee depends largely on who you hire (and their qualifications), as well as the level of editing you require. Not every client and editor click, and not every client agrees with the changes the editor makes or suggests. A less expensive editor might not be great or a really pricey one might be mediocre. Some writers and editors set absorbent fees assuming you’ll feel they must be great because they are expensive. There are also flat fees and monthly retainer agreements.

FBC’s hourly fees for EDITING start at $50 an hour, with a two-hour minimum. We charge anywhere from $3.00 to $7.00 per page for other targeted editing fees. Other rates for editing are negotiated based on a review of the project submission.

ORIGINAL WRITING runs the gamut from a business proposal to ghostwriting a novel, content for websites, a business letter,  content for a brochure, and too many other examples to list. We are not able to provide even a general sense of the fees since it would depend on the project.

FBC’s standard hourly fees for original writing are $35 to $75 an hour. Flat project fees can be negotiated. Fees for ghostwriting are negotiated per project.

WEB DESIGN and LAYOUT: We charge $300 to create a basic WordPress web page, which includes two rounds of edits.  More involved design and web structure work will be negotiated on an individual basis.