Fortuna Literary Collective

Literary Agents.    Writing Coaches.

This branch of our services is intended to help authors in a myriad of ways. Some writers just need a little guidance understanding how the publishing world works. Others need help developing a book proposal, quite a different skill than the regular editing that we do. And others want a literary agent who will help put their work in front of potential publishers.

We can help guide you through the complex world of how to get published. Our query process is very simple. Send us an email and tell us your favorite books, why you love to write, and a little about what you’ve written to date and your publication history. If you want, send us a brief (5 pages or less) example of your writing.  You can read our literary collective statement here. Email us at: Fortuna Agents

Below are a few of our represented authors:

 by Lorelei Kay  

Lorelei’s Amazon Page

 by Paul Green, coming in 2022

  Davida Siwisa James’ Amazon Page